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Can you use a Windows PC for development of games and apps for iOS?

When we started iOS development in 2009, we knew this question must be answered positively. We wanted to use existing hardware and software we utilized for creation of Windows titles.

No ready solutions were available at the time, and we set out to create our own engine. We had to solve many problems along the way.  Different architectures. Different compilers.

But we succeeded.

As you may know from our Services page, our engine named “Symphony” allows development of iOS games both on Windows and Mac OS. It means that all code dealing with game logic, graphics, controls, network can be written in C++ with exception of iOS specific stuff like inApp purchases, push notifications and GameCenter. These are of course also emulated on Windows for initial testing, but require a piece of Objective-C added to the xCode project.

Artists and sound designers can continue to use Windows only software and tools and our programmers like Visual Studio more than xCode for various reasons (from the lack of tabs in the editor to some debugging issues) and Total Commander more than muCommander (And Finder is regrettably a nightmare come true for them).

Nevertheless, Macs are an integral part of our setup and we use them to compile projects for the AppStore and create amazing apps for the Mac AppStore… And turning Mac into a machine suitable for game development is a topic for another lengthy post.

BTW, if you are interested about our cross-platform Symphony Engine, contact us!

And please ask any questions about our engine in comments to this post.

Posted by Flickta June - 30 - 2012

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