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Hello everyone!
The Wrong Door Title Picture
The Wrong Door is a real-time point and click adventure game with puzzles, fully voiced character dialogue, arcade car chase sequence, fancy graphics and multiple endings.

Done in 72-1 hours! We took part in a Jam, because teams are allowed there and you get more time. Rules are also not that strict. Nevertheless, we did all the graphics, code, sound etc. for the game from scratch. Made using our in-house “Symphony Engine”.

We’ve had great fun while making this game :)
First ever Ludum Dare entry for us. We thought we wouldn’t be able to finish in time, but surprisingly we did! We even managed to get some sleep during the race.

Here is a link to the game’s page at Ludum Dare: The Wrong Door

ATTENTION: There are some drug references, so this game can be considered unsuitable for minors. Parents, you know what you’re doing :)

We hope you will enjoy our little gem! Regrettably, we didn’t have time to compile it for Mac, as we had planned, but will hopefully do that sooner or later ;)

To play it on Windows, you may need to install OpenAL and vcredist, both are in the Zip file alongside the game.

Some helpful hints are here.

P.S. In case you wonder, voiceover is recorded in Russian “by professional developers”, don’t be too harsh!
If you will come up with nice English texts and – even better – voiceovers, please, send them over, and we’ll make a “Platinum” edition later. :)


Posted by Flickta August - 28 - 2013

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