An independent iPhone and iPad applications developers
Let's create amazing games and apps together!

So, you are not only a fan of our games, but also a potential partner who looks for the right team to work on a new amazing project?Look no further. Founded in 2009, Tangible Games is a studio with unmatched expertise in mobile development that helped create numerous successful games and apps sold on the Appstore or used inside corporations.

We have a small core team of experienced programmers, artists and animators, designers, and have great relationships with best freelance programmers, artists, translators, sound designers and composers.

We are able to create projects with outstanding production value at a very competitive price and we pay attention to every detail of the game or app we are working on.

We have our own cross-platform engine which allows us to deploy titles simultaneously for iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows devices and is suitable for 2D and 3D games of the highest quality. We are also ready to work with third-party tools and existing codebase, if need be (say, you just want to port your PC project to iOS or Android).

If you are looking for someone who will make your project stand out from the crowd, contact us today! With any questions email us or ping us on Skype (search for “tangiblegames”).

We provide services such as:
Full-cycle development of games for iOS/Android/Mac/Windows
Porting of existing games to
You have a concept of a great game? Bring it to us and we’ll create it. Don’t have ideas? We have some of our own. We are ready to take your idea/concept or create a game from scratch – game design, art, programming, QA. Fixed price contract and/or revenue sharing – we’ll consider all offers. You have that old PC-only title lying around? Want to breathe new life into it by releasing it in the Apple AppStore or Mac AppStore or Google Play?
We can port your game at the speed of light, optimizing it for a variety of Apple mobile devices (lower memory consumption, fewer cpu cycles, smaller bundle size) or gazillion of existing Mac models. We can also rework the game to take advantage of the massively popular f2p monetization model.
Development of utility applications for iOS/Android/Mac/Windows
Localization of games/apps into Russian language and adaptation for the Russian market
You need an utility or application created for iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Windows? We are here to help. Anything you can dream of – we can express in fast, robust code and fluid, beautiful user interface. We approach development of apps as we approach creation of games – seriously, that is. Russian application market is different. To have higher chance of success, you should think about localization of your game or app and adaptation of your game or app to make sure it fits the cultural background.
We are reviewing every offer of cooperation and look forward to working with you!