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I know, I know, it may sound strange, because we are into iOS development and it means .pvr and .png formats. But we have to think about multiple platforms, and though we can use .png on Windows, .dds is a RAM saver.
It may also sound strange that we need to be able to compress textures to direct draw surface on Mac OS instead of Windows, why not use a Boot Camp partition or VurtualBox? Well, booting into Windows breaks the flow, and virtual machine uses RAM that’s better left for running graphics packages and builds of the game.
Finally, it may sound strange that we need to compress textures manually. Well, at times setting up tools to create several textures in a small project is more time consuming than doing it by hand.

Anyway, imagine there’s a need to compress a texture to .dds and you don’t have a Windows PC nearby. How can you do that?
The short answer is you can not. It is also the wrong one.

Of course, there are no Mac versions of Microsoft DirectX Texture Tool and especially Nvidia Texture Tools package (Meaning there is no plugin for Photoshop on a Mac). But there’s still a way to create .dds and view .dds on a Mac.

To view .dds you can use XnViewMP beta v0.39 which also allows export of .dds files to several formats (can come in handy when you have to port a Windows game to iOS without the original art in lossless formats).

And to create… Yes, long-time Mac users may have already guessed it… You can use the brilliant Graphic Converter by Lemkesoft GmbH! It’s a monster (Powerful and slow) and it does the job! It can hang for a while working on larger (1024×1024 and up) images though.


All that said, you better use .png on Windows, who cares about RAM usage these days, right? ;)

Posted by Flickta July - 5 - 2012

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