An independent iPhone and iPad applications developers
What's in a name? That which we call a rose…
Tangible Games

It all began in 2009, when several game industry veterans with huge experience of developing games for PC decided to take on the mobile software market. A reason to call our studio “Tangible Games” was plain and simple. We wanted every our game and app to feel like a real thing, like something you could touch. In short, be tangible. With the advent of touch interfaces it’s so natural, right?

In the next few years we’ve created lots of cool stuff. Just take a look at our great games such as Awesome Memory (which is, beyond the shades of any doubt, the best memory game ever made and absolutely the best memory game on the AppStore), Banzai Rabbit (published by Revolutionary Concepts, downloaded more than 750.000 times), or Frogger Decades (published by Konami, media called it “The Best Frogger ever”).

Download our games for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch now (all links to our games are in the Games section of the site) and have as much fun playing them as we had making them!

Besides the fun of making games (that’s why we are here, right?) we just like doing quality work. We approach even the simpliest silliest game (like our lightweight “Christmas Cats” available as a universalapp for iPad and iPhone or iPod touch) or utility app with all seriousness and strive to create enjoyable experience for users.

If you want to share your experience with us, discuss our games or anything else – feel free to contact us, because we like exchanging letters and chatting on Skype.

Yours sincerely,
Team at Tangible Games.

When you are discussing your future projects with tangiblegames on Skype, chances are you are talking to him. You can also find him behind his desk, tinkering with design of our next app or trying to come up with a plan that will allow us to meet a deadline.

During the weekends, this family man spends most of his free time with his wife and one… wait, two little boys! Nikita used to love playing video games, but nowadays he more often reads about them rather than plays. He also likes to read a book or two when he has half an hour of free time and prefers ‘hard’ science fiction.

Brilliant programmer who is able to work with any language or platform. ‘Father’ of our own cross-platform “Symphony Engine”, which allows us to create apps for iOS, Mac OS and Windows. Dmitry loves rewriting huge portions of perfectly usable code to make it faster, more efficient… or just look better.

Dmitry is obsessed with music, so if you know a new promising indie band, you should send him a message on and he’ll tell you more about it.

He also has a secret recipe of a chicken soup that may be responsible for his programming proficiency.
Finally, he can quote any classic Soviet movie and every episode of Simpsons.

Once an aspiring physicist, Evgeniy was lured into the dangerous world of video game programming many years ago. Now he is an expert in graphics programming, working with shaders, particle systems, ambient occlusion maps and all other stuff we know nothing about. As a member of a small experienced team at Tangible Games, he also does a lot of general engine programming, works on game mechanics and makes some cool tools for us to use.

He likes cross-country skiing, and during winter you may encounter him in the woods. He’ll woosh past you, leaving you in the snow.

Our outstanding artist, Sergey is responsible for visual excellency in all of our games. He is the one who suffers from endless iterations when we are trying to make the game look as good as possible and accomodate artwork to ever-changing design. Sergey also keeps track of new stuff appearing on the AppStore and comes up with all sorts of ideas for our apps and games.

Sergey is also a great landscape painter working with oil on canvas, so if you are into traditional Russian paintings, you know where to go.

He knows how to move characters creating a moving appeal. Yes, he is an animator, equally capable of 2d and 3d animation using countless techniques. Being a true artist, Maxim never ceases to amaze us with some of his more unusual artwork. He is also into late-night jogging and watching horror movies!

A mystery man. About a year ago, he came from nowhere to work with us. Is he real? Or merely a ghost, an illusion? We know that he is a programmer. And a gifted one! He eats jam and loves playing football (some of you call it soccer and we forgive you). That’s all we know… We’ll post more information when it becomes available.