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Our first title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch still looks gorgeous and offers outstanding, fluid gameplay. Banzai Rabbit is one of the most critically acclaimed new games on iTunes packing 20+ hours of entertainment, praised by IGN, Touch Arcade, CNET, Gizmodo, 148Apps, Appmodo and countless others.

Brave rabbit named Banzai is a new original hero. His story takes its cues from classic sci-fi like ‘The Fly’, and some super-hero movies, and shows what can go wrong when a rabbit, a flea and two scientists – one good and one evil – all find themselves involved in a terrible teleporting accident.

A mix of a Rabbit and a humble scientist’s DNA turns out to be a pretty powerful combo! So, our hero sets out to save the world from certain destruction by an evil flea genius while avoiding getting squished by traffic, all so he can get his dream girl back!

Banzai Rabbit is part platformer, part puzzler, all action & totally fun in a way that games should be – regardless of your age or skill level*

*It’s still extremely difficult to beat on ‘hard’, so if you’re a real gamer, you should try Banzai Rabbit now!

Game Features:
50 levels of gorgeous 3D gameplay set across 34 locations / levels
A wide range of unique environments that include City Streets, Rivers, Train Yards, Metal Works and Sewers
Story and Challenge Modes
Easy, Medium, Hard Difficulties
Save Game, Earn Continues, multiple Checkpoints
Bonus levels
Super Power-Ups – Slow time and leap locomotives in a single bound
Customisable Controls – Swipe and tap, d-pad, side buttons both left and right handed
Online Leaderboards and Awards to unlock
Flip screen orientation

Games’ history

Banzai Rabbit has quite a history. Our journey into the iOS world began with development of a still-unreleased 2d board game about amazing adventures in colonial Africa. This game required an engine, and we set out to create our own 3d/2d cross-platform engine called “Symphony”. Banzai Rabbit (or to be exact, a game that would be later called so) was a second project which we started when we signed a partnership agreement with Revolutionary Concepts, and we did it in parallel with development of our engine. It took a while because of that, but nevertheless, Banzai Rabbit turned out to be one of the best looking games on the AppStore and we are immensely proud of it.