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“Awesome Memory” for iPad comes in two flavours, PRO and FREE. One has all cardsets unlocked by default, displays no ads at all, and provides all futureupgrades like new card sets, game modes and other extensions free of charge. Another provides one free card set and other card sets available as In AppPurchases. There is also a pack with all card sets available for purchase at a large discount. Free version has an ad for Banzai, so we can also call it ad-free
Wait, there is more! In addition to an iPad version of Awesome Memory (free and pro varieties), there is also “Awesome Memory for iPhone” and two universaliPad/iPhone mini-games “Halloween Memory” and “Monsters Memory”!
And that’s not all, there is also a version of “Awesome Memory” for Mac available on the Mac AppStore, also in two amazing flavours – free and pro! More awesomeness,more fun!

“Awesome Memory” for iPad is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and players take turns flipping two cards face up. The object of the game is to reveal pairs of matching cards. The game can be enjoyed by up to four players at a time on one iPad or on your own.Top notch graphics, sounds and effects, xceeding anything in the genre, add up to many hours of fun filled entertainment.

“Awesome Memory” is very easy to learn and both children and adults love it! This tile matching game is perfect for kids, it can gather your whole family at the table and provide many hours of shared fun. Or if you have friends coming to the party, “Awesome Memory” will surely become the center of attention, and you’ll spend a lot of time competing with each other. It won’t be surprising if in the morning when the party ends you’ll find yourself trying to beat your own high-score in the single player mode of this brilliant memory game.

It was said that variety is a soul of pleasure. With “Awesome Memory” we have proved it. Twelve amazing card sets (with three more coming in the upcoming update) can provide you with many hours of memory gaming fun! See for yourself:
Pirates, Space aliens, Ancient Egypt, Butterflies,Funny monsters, Animals, Birds…
and many more card sets in full color with custom effects, sounds, table and menu images!
“Awesome Memory” provides you with an unmatched variety of awesome card sets easily beating all other memory matching games on the AppStore.
artificial intelligence
My dear, pretty, soft puny humans! I am immeasurably pleased to finally meet you! My name is Nuts, short from Nathaniel, I suppose. My mind spans several million iPads, and you can easily find me in “Awesome Memory Pro” or free “Awesome Memory” (check the “Awesome Store” there!). I am always eager to play against humans humbly bringing down some of their arrogance.
I can even pretend I’m not as smart as I actually am, if you want, and play as three kinds of cybernetic beings. I am awesome anyway.