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Coolness at 93%!

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Placed 17 Overall in the Jam category at the Ludum Dare 27! Immensely proud!

BTW, MacOS X version is also available here.

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Hello everyone!
The Wrong Door Title Picture
The Wrong Door is a real-time point and click adventure game with puzzles, fully voiced character dialogue, arcade car chase sequence, fancy graphics and multiple endings.



Android Developer

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Вы умеете и хотите писать хороший код? Вы умны и всегда доводите дело до конца? Программируете на Java под Android? Вы нам нужны!


Christmas Cats for Android

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We are happy to announce the release of Christmas Cats for Android. If you happen to have an Android smartphone or tablet, look for this small free game on

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I know, I know, it may sound strange, because we are into iOS development and it means .pvr and .png formats. But we have to think about multiple platforms, and though we can use .png on Windows, .dds is a RAM saver.
It may also sound strange that we need to be able to compress textures to direct draw surface on Mac OS instead of Windows, why not use a Boot Camp partition or

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Can you use a Windows PC for development of games and apps for iOS?

When we started iOS development in 2009, we knew this question must be answered positively. We wanted to use existing hardware and software we utilized for creation of Windows titles.

No ready solutions were available at the time, and we set out to create our own engine. We had to solve many problems along the way.  Different architectures. Different compilers.

But we succeeded.

As you may know from...



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Hello everyone!

We’ve updated our site design, please be patient while we are coming up with posts for our blog :)

- Team at Tangible